J . J . Cohen

J.J. Cohen hit Hollywood in 1984 landing a leading role in the film PARADISE MOTEL and SECRET ADMIRER. He quickly gained the attention of Hollywood Casting directors and appeared in numerous TV shows, including the Sci-Fi Series "V", "BAYWATCH", "3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN" and two very different episodes of "AMAZING STORIES" (one in the exceptional pilot “THE MISSION” starring alongside Kevin Costner and directed by Steven Spielberg the other entitled "MISCALCULATION" with John Cryer, directed by FRIGHT NIGHT Director Tom Holland. Shortly after starring in the films FIRE WITH FIRE and THE PRINCIPAL, he starred in 976-EVIL, the directorial debut of Robert "Freddy Kruger" Englund. Notably, he is only 1 of 6 people to appear in all 3 BACK TO THE FUTURE films, as Fan Favorite "Skinhead", part of Biff's Gang in I and II, and part of Needles’ gang in Part III. In 2000, he appeared in Cameron Crowe’s critically successful ALMOST FAMOUS.